Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Favourites |B’s Beauty♡


Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourites from 2017 this will include makeup, beauty products, books,  youtubers, and a Netflix series

The first 2017 favourite is the morphe 35K I got this in March and I have used in in practically every single eyeshadow look I have created this year! Since I’ve brought this at the beginning of the year I have purchased another morphe palette the 3502 which I love just as much as the 35K! Another thing I love about the morphe palettes is the price- £23.00 from beauty bay, I will leave links for both palettes and beauty bays website at the end of the post! 

Another beauty product I have been loving this year is the benefit ‘ready set brow’ palette I got this for Christmas last year and I have used it everyday ever since and I have just started to run out! As benefit is on the higher price range this is more expensive- £20.00 but I really do recommend! Again it will be linked at the end! 

Now moving onto a scent I have loved all year round! The Victoria secrets love addict and the new look blush perfume.
First the love addict perfume is such a pretty girly scent I think everyone will love! 

The new look blush perfume is also very similar to the love addict and they are similar price ranges (new look-£12.99 Victoria secret-£10-£12)  I think they the love addict is more sweeter and the new look one is lighter so just depends if your not keen on sweet scents! unforntunatly I do not have a picture of this perfume as I have run out

Now moving onto a show on Netflix this year I started and finished pretty little liars! 
I think everyone on Netflix has watched pll so I’m not going to go into much detail or explain because I think you know the basics!! Also if you But I have been hooked and I am very sad it has now finished -A 
(You would only know if you watch pll)

Now onto some books I have read and loved..

First of all beautiful broken things has been a huge read this year! I don’t want to give much away because I is definitely worth reading! Another book I recommend is Everything Everything! this book is amazing and I recommend to anyone and everyone.

Now moving onto youtubers I have been obsessed with this year. I am just going to add pictures of there channels and a link to there channels.

I have really loved Perksoflaur this year because I love her style and the way she edits, she also is very motivating as every revision video she makes straight after I am motivated to make pretty flow chats and notes! I also love her instagram feed its so cute! 

Another youtuber I have really loved this year is Grace, I again love her editing style. I also love her makeup looks and montage videos she creates. Her fall instagram theme has been my favourite this year as it looked very autumnal. 
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Hair care products you NEED to know about!|B’s Beauty♡

how are you i hope you are well, Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite hair care products i will be leaving links to all of the products down below if you are interested. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing is the herbal essence dazzling shine shampoo. I swear by this as its not got oils in which usually in a shampoo makes my hair looks greasy instead it gives you shine and not grease! It also makes my hair very soft and smell lovely.
It has been surprisingly hard to get my hands on every shop I go into they don’t have it but have other herbal essence shampoo and conditioners so people must agree with me and love it if its
hard to get! But when I do see it in stores I tend to get a few so I can stock up!

The next thing is for after I have washed my hair and before I blow dry my hair, the Lee Stafford coco loco blow and go lotion is amazing. I use this after I have washed my hair I get a little bit on my finger then shake it into the ends of my hair and below my roots. Then I blow dry my hair as usual I think this is partly why my hair seems to be shiny as well as the herbal essence shampoo.

Another product of Lee Stafford I love is the sea salt mud mask. I use this one a month and I use this before I apply conditioner. I haven’t yet to try the shampoo and conditioner in the range but I will next time I see it in stores. I love this because it restores damaged hair but it doesn’t feel like it being weighed down.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post and it helped you I have links down below if you want to purchase any of the items I have spoke about!

what hair products do you love and recommend? comment below x


Monday, 11 December 2017
 been a while since i’ve been blogging and that has been because I just to be honest got a bit distracted with school and having lots of homework! but now that the new year is soon gonna be here I thought it would be the perfect time to start my blog again! I am hoping to be uploading weekly on this blog in January so make sure you are following my blog and social medias that I will link at the end so that you will be first to know when I first upload 

I am really excited to start blogging and I hope you are too
i hope you are looking forward for future blog posts coming soon,
lots of love
B xx